Adrian Coombs-Hoar in 1978 at Dreamland and again in 2011. Still a Rockabilly. Copyright Iain Aitch.

Keith, circa 1981 and again in Margate 2011. Taken on the Harbour wall, where Keith now sells his paintings, inspired by the work of JMW Turner. The Turner Contemporary Gallery was named after Turner, who lived and worked in the town, painting some of his most famous work from a spot on or near where the gallery now sits. Keith was a friend of mine back in the 1980s.

This is Tracey, taken circa 1981 and 2011. Part of my Cachet show in Nothing in the World But Youth at Turner Contemporary 9/2011-1/2012

Taken on the same spot, around 25 years apart.

© Iain Aitch

Ian Scott with his scooter in Margate 1960 and again in Dreamland, Margate in 2011. © Iain Aitch.